By striving to be a full service provider of IT solutions, we quickly expanded to provide the full range of data cabling solutions and its terminated hardware (retail analytic camera) implementation for clients all over the world.

Our solutions now include structured cabling installation, low voltage equipment installation and data networking. Structured cabling installation at many sites requires a network of skilled local technicians managed by Project Managers to deliver a seamless, accelerated and cost-effective solution. Whether you need structured cabling installation in thousands of locations around the world, we guarantee you a successful cabling deployment.


Structured Cabling Installation

A well-structured data cabling system is fundamental to any organized digital system, whereas a poorly structured system can compromise the capabilities of any cabling solution.
  • Site Surveys
  • Voice, Data, Cabling Solutions
  • Data Center Implementation
  • Copper Infrastructure Cabling Solutions
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions
  • Low Voltage Cabling Solutions
  • Wireless Network Design & Implementation

Loss Prevention & Analytic Camera Installation

International Digital Systems professionally install, service, and maintain surveillance systems and have a full staff of network technicians available for a rapid response to meet your needs. With our backgrounds in computer hardware, software and networks, we are able to provide a high degree of technical expertise in CCTV systems.
  • DVRs and Kits
  • Analytic Sensors & Traffic Counters
  • Wireless & IP Cameras

On-Site Support

International Digital Systems is committed to providing professional, informed, courteous , customer-focused IT services in person at your location. We have a full staff that allows us to deliver leading solutions to your business on time and within your budget.
  • 24/7 Domestic & International Support
  • Next Day Service
  • Network & IT support

Project Management

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. Here in International Digital Systems, we bring unique focus shaped by the goals, resources and schedule of each project. The value of that focus is proved by the rapid, worldwide growth of project management.
  • Vendor Management Services
  • Program Planning and Control Services
  • Quality Assurance and Control


Our coverage goes past our home office locations to areas both domestic and international. International Digital Systems works to partner with qualified providers to offer data cabling solutions in many locations nationwide and internationally, and we are continually working to find new partners to further extend our coverage. We at IDS understand that different clients have many different needs and different locations, so whether you need cable installation in one area or in thousands of locations around the world, we guarantee quality services.
U.S Domestic Coverage
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  • IDS Office
    Fort Lee, NJ / Glendale, CA / San Jose, CA

  • Vendors
    USA Nationwide

International Coverage

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[pin bounce=”1″]usa[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Japan[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]England[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Canada[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Mexico[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Brazil[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Germany[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]South Africa[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Australia[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Hong Kong[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Myanmar[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Taiwan[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]China[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Vietnam[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]India [/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Singapore[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Cambodia[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Philippines[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Pakistan[/pin]
[pin bounce=”1″]Korea[/pin]

  • Europe: UK / Germany
    America: USA / Mexico / Canada / Brazil
  • APAC: South Africa / Australia / Japan / Korea / Hong Kong / Myanmar / Taiwan / China / Vietnam / India / Singapore / Cambodia / Philippines / Pakistan / Thailand

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