Step ahead by innovation thinking. Keeping up with daily evolving technology and growth of your business can lead to uncontrolled growth of your infrastructure.

Through a careful strategic plan that’s customized to your specific needs, IDS can help you.
IT is a critical pillar in an organization’s success in today’s business environment. The role of technology is changing from a mere enabler of business and process implementations to a key driver of business. IT is opening up new avenues for business growth.
Growth brings in new applications and accumulation of IT baggage. It is important that they are optimized to the business in order to maximize their effectiveness. Strategic application collaboration is the need of the hour and it can’t be achieved without a comprehensive business IT Strategy.


  • Budgeting / Planning
  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery
  • Analysis / Report
  • Facility Build Up
  • Policy & Procedure Implementation
  • DATA CENTER BUILD UP (LIG Insurance, Innovative Cosmetic Concepts)
  • WAREHOUSE / MOVE / SETUP (CJ Food, Innovative Cosmetic Concepts)
  • WAREHOUSE / FACTORY / OFFICE / MOVING AND SETUP (CJ Food, Innovative Cosmetic Concepts)