We provide the full range of data cabling solutions and AI camera implementation for AI-Powered Checkout System.

IDS can direct you a step closer to the future, with customized strategies accommodating your specific needs.
Artificial intelligence-based system is available to any retailer that lets consumers shop and pay without waiting in line, scanning or stopping to check out. AI-Powered Checkout solution helps retailers reduce labour costs, improve the customer experience and improve profit margins.

What is AI-Powered Checkout for retail?

Why AI-Powered Checkout?

Light-touch installation, with overhead cameras only. Simple and quick installation with no disruption to your business.
Simple hardware system guarantees functionality in any environment. Accept all forms of payment: cash, credit, and other services.
No shelf sensors, RFID, or packaging changes. No biometric data involved. Quick and easy to deploy and maintain.


Data Cabling

A well-structured data cabling system is fundamental to all digital systems, and guarantees full functionality with easy maintenance.
  • Site Surveys
  • Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions
  • Low Voltage Cabling Solutions

    AI Camera Installation

    Like eyes to humans, cameras provide vision to the server and information it needs in order to enable the AI powered checkout systems. International Digital Systems has extensive experience with installing various type of cameras. Scrupulous installation based on strategic system design enables full coverage of the store with minimal amount of devices.
    • Wireless & IP Cameras
    • Server Implementation
    • Devices Installation and Configuration
    • Camera Calibration
    • Functionality Test

    Service Call

    International Digital Systems is committed to providing professional, client-centric IT services at your location. Our responsive system allows us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to your business in a timely manner.
    • 24/7 Domestic & International Support
    • Same-day Domestic Dispatch Available
    • On-Site Technical Support
    • Remote Assistance

    Project Management

    Project management includes, but is not limited to efficient planning and time-managing, while adhering to the scope of work. With intelligent application of knowledge, techniques, and tools, International Digital Systems provide a smooth and organic workflow solution, to better serve our exponentially-growing service territory.
    • Vendor Management
    • Project Planning and Service Control
    • Quality Assurance
    • Responsive Feedback


    International Digital Systems provides efficient observation of the system with ground-breaking methodology, unlike conventional monitoring solutions that require excessive man-hour and financial investment. We follow a strict protocol to ensure quick and accurate response.
    • 24/7 Monitoring
    • Domestic & International Coverage
    • Automated Status Reports
    • Strict Protocol-based Response


    International Digital Systems provide staging solutions that cuts down logistical time and cost. Our flexible warehouse space and efficient space utilization makes storing of equipment a breeze. Our expertise with inventory management software such as Fishbowl is what differentiates IDS Staging Solution from “Good” to “Excellent”.
    • Warehouse Availability
    • Pre-Configuration
    • Distribution and Tracking Solution
    • Inventory Management


    Our coverage goes past our home office locations to areas both domestic and international. International Digital Systems works to partner with qualified providers to offer Ai-powered checkout system solutions in many locations nationwide and internationally: USA, Canada, UK, and Japan.
    U.S Domestic Coverage
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    • IDS Office
      Fort Lee, NJ / Glendale, CA / San Jose, CA

    • Vendors
      USA Nationwide

    International Coverage
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    • Europe: UK
      America: USA / Canada
    • APAC: Japan

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