Song Law Firm


Song Law Firm provides knowledgeable and reliable legal service
to individuals and corporate clients.

As a full-service law firm, Song Law Firm’s attorneys have practiced in virtually every area of law and served a wide range of regional, national and international clients in their business, immigration, personal injury, insurance defense litigation, litigation, intellectual property, family law, criminal law, real estate, bankruptcy, tax/estate planning, and labor & employment law matters.
  • Song Law Firm had an outdated website that was not organized into distinct tabs and sections, making it difficult and confusing to navigate.
  • They did not have any social media that would help them advertise and persuade the media to check out their law firm.
  • IDS redesigned their website into an organized, modern, appealing design that allowed user friendly interface.
  • IDS created a mobile website that can be viewed from mobile devices.
  • Organized the website into distinct sections and tabs so it is easy to navigate.
  • IDS created a friendly brand image with warm color.
  • With the help of IDS, Song Law Firm has become more well-known and has gained many clients and attorneys as a result.
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