LIG Insurance Portal


With Innovation, sparks success, our long term relationship with LIG Insurance
is a clear indication of our strength in developing custom applications
that fit their model for efficiency and quality.

With our quoting system brokers are able to send and receive quotes instantly. We’ve also provided automated billing and online payment systems for their ever-growing business. Integrating previously existing systems, our Report Management System is able to provide vital information for LIG Insurance. IDS supplies convenient applications to the success of their business.
Due to the fast growth of the customer’s business, it creates ripple effect that raises concern in operations. Issue Unable to see operation status just in time (JIT) and expense ratio is high therefore System become deficient.
  • Lower Expense over time
  • Facilitate System compatibility and efficiency
  • Real-time status monitoring and automatic reporting
  • Systematic Operation Process
  • Ability to business outsource
  • IDS insurance system is a password-protected Web portal that provides access for Agents to gain the valuable information, automation tools, and applications needed daily.
  • IDS insurance system provides Agents with quick and easy access to whatever they need to transact business online. It provides detailed policy, billing and claims information to help Agents answer customer questions quickly.
  • IDS insurance system is a source for our Agents to access automation tools using the Web and our continued commitment to making it easy and efficient to do business with IDS.
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