KBIC New Office has been installed and managed by IDS

In June 2015, LIG Insurance Company Ltd. was acquired by the KB Financial Group Inc. and the company changed its name to KB Insurance Company Ltd. “LIS” remains the management company and the new name for the US operations is Kookmin Best Insurance Co. Ltd. US Branch or KBIC.

The data center is composed of servers and network devices with high bandwidth that under a high-quality data flow control. KBIC data center provides solidified backup system and security management. The devices are operated in a cool, temperature controlled room. The room has 24/7 active surveillance cameras and is lock-secured with an intricate password system.

  • To construct an optimized network environment considering the size of limited data center.
  • To design a scalable network for the future growth.
  • To schedule with third party vendors for the large-scale cabling.
  • To research and install the latest equipment according to the technology development.
  • To build a centralized network environment for efficient management.
  • To secure a high level of data center security as network security challenges rise.
  • To establish firm precaution in case of an unexpected power outages.
  • Established a proper installation plan that meets the needs of company’s requirement.
  • Purchased a precise number of optimal equipment through proper planning.
  • Created a flow plan considering the movement of all equipment for easy management.
  • Optimized power design with redundant power supplies.
  • Managed internal network flow that integrates wired and wireless network equipment.
  • Equipped 24/7/365 closed-circuit security cameras, finger print access and visitor log.
  • Achieved minimized downtime and maximized reliability.
  • Installed a large-capacity PSEG electric generator for smooth power supply throughout the building. This allows our data center to operate without any power interruptions 24/7/365.
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