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Our services now include system monitoring solutions. Our system monitoring solutions are not just about deliver service. We deliver convenience and peace-of-mind to our customers. International Digital Systems helps you monitor and manage customer networks, device status and much more.


Automated Network Mapping

Any device status changes are reported to the cloud and are visible via mobile and web apps in real-time. The network mapping feature significantly reduces the set-up time of managed network switches.
  • Device Monitoring
  • SNMP Monitoring
  • Network Mapping
  • Multi Subnets & VLAN
  • ZigBee Monitoring
  • Cresnet Monitoring

Network & Device Alerts

Email and push notification alerts for network status, device offline and when a new device is found (intruder alerts). Our alert system and personnel can help you avoid costly downtime by immediately alerting the right people when:
  • Quality of service degrades
  • A predefined content pattern is identified
  • Thresholds are exceeded
  • Failures occur

Diagnostics & Reporting

Perfect for helping customers understand the value of remote support. Regularly emails reports that provide useful, detailed information about your network equipment’s performance and reliability. Reports are automatically sent via email at the interval of your choosing.
  • Speed Test
  • Internet Health
  • Network Log & Reports
  • Ethernet port Monitoring

Flexible Remote Access

Remote access to web, console and remote desktop devices. Supports remote access using http/s, RDP, SSH or Telnet connections.
  • Remote Desktop
  • Console Access
  • Web Access


Our system monitoring solutions provide a complete range of services to a broad array of worldwide industries and customers. Retail & Franchises, Small and medium-sized business & Enterprise etc.


1. Data Collection

MontIT is built on Raspberry Pi with three sensors attached, and it monitors a variety of device attributes and events. It provides SNMP and TCP service for monitoring SNMPv2 devices and configuring alerts notification based on OIDs value.
  • Sensors Collect Data
  • Transfer via SNMP
Image module

2. Data Analysis and Visualization on Website

Data collected from MontIT device will be migrated to the Cloud storage for the data analysis, visualization, and more. Data will be represented on the website for users to have access to those information real-time.
  • Data to the Cloud
  • Monitoring Website
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3. Alert Process

The alert settings are customizable by users, and the email will be automatically sent out to account holders’ email address with alert details.

  • Alert Initiation
  • Email Notification
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4. Automated Ticket Open Process

Email with alert details will be triggered by Zendesk, and it will generate and open a ticket for customer service management. Users will be able to track and solve customer’s needs with ease.

  • Email Trigger
  • Ticket Open
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Our device named “MontIT” keeps its eyes on all equipments within the same network such as server, switch, firewall, and camera. ​While doing so, the device specifically gathers data from sensors, SNMP and Ping results.​ Our device can also save gathered data into CSV file format as the reference for data analysis. This CSV file is used to display interesting results on Dashboard.​
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Security Services

Improve Your Security Posture With Managed Security Services
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International Digital Systems has certified experts in Splunk, a powerful solution which helps in searching, analyzing and visualizing the log generated from different machines.
Security Monitoring
Advanced Threat Detection
Insider Threat
Incident Investigation and Forensics
Fraud Detection
SOC Automation
Incident Response

Why Splunk

Performance and health monitoring and response: IDS monitors and Optimizes Splunk system performance.
Splunk administration and maintenance: IDS provides administrative support, including applying system updates.
24/7 SOC monitoring and alerting: IDS provides security event monitoring, investigation and Alerting.
Management of forwarder log collectors: IDS administers and monitors log parsers and responds to errors and issues.
  • 1.
    Survey and Analysis
    Phase 1
    A. Comprehend the current system utilization and components by Site Survey B. Define improvements and additional system components upgradeability C. Design a new system and a plan for implementation through a system analysis
  • 2.
    Phase 2
    Design contents according to the improvements and a plan from site survey result
  • 3.
    Phase 3
    Implement contents design according to the result from the components analysis and a plan
  • 4.
    Operation / Monitoring
    Phase 4
    A. Stabilize the new system implementation B. Training C. Implement 24/7 monitoring system and seamless operation


International Digital Systems can help you to provide advanced threat detection use case analytics and 24 by 7 security monitoring alerting and remediation
Image module
Image module


The flexibility of our Splunk Managed Services platform allows us to host your Splunk environment on dedicated instances managed by IDS  in our cloud, or on your own on-premise platform in order to meet your unique business requirements.

Maintenance Action

Advanced report complied with client's and NYFDS requirements
24/7 Monitoring to implement an access control to monitor activities including Intrusion detection
Compliance Update
React to any compliance changed and produce a report accordingly / auto-ticketing
Hardware/Software Update
Patch management, Compatibility check


Having a monitoring solution means a better security. Proper security can be approached by two means:Preparation and Action. Security Preparation is covered by Splunk implementation. Security Action will be achieved by Maintenance.


Our Security Service Consulting and managed services can help your business deliver

faster and more economically and we want to help you make that happen