Kookmin Bank


Kookmin Bank NY Office has been installed and managed by IDS

Kookmin Bank provides commercial banking services. The company offers personal banking, deposits, credit cards, trust funds, foreign exchange transactions, and corporate financing services. Kookmin Bank serves customers worldwide. Branches for Kookmin Bank, New York branch in United states
Kookmin Bank, New York branch Head office located 565 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10017, United States
  • To construct an optimized network environment considering the size of limited data center.
  • To design a scalable network for the future growth.
  • To schedule with third party vendors for the large-scale cabling.
  • To research and install the latest equipment according to the technology development.
  • To build a centralized network environment for efficient management.
  • To secure a high level of data center security as network security challenges rise.
  • To establish firm precaution in case of an unexpected power outages.
  • Implemented a datacenter redesign according to the needs of KBs requirement.
  • Purchased a precise number of optimal equipment through proper planning.
  • Created a flow plan considering the movement of all equipment for easy management.
  • Optimized power design with redundant power supplies.
  • Managed internal network flow that integrates wired network equipment.
  • Achieved minimized downtime and maximized reliability.
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